Easement Essentials: Over Lunch, Over 3 Weeks

Sydney is presenting a series of three CPD seminars with Legalwise in October titled “Easement Essentials Series 2: Over Lunch, Over 3 Weeks”. Each seminar will focus on an easement topic relating to Sydney’s practice:


  • Wednesday 12 October, 1-2 pm – Dealing with an Easement that Has Been Omitted from the Register
  • Thursday 20 October, 1-2pm – Principles for Seeking Easements Under Sec 88 K Conveyancing Act and Case Studies
  • Wednesday 26 October 2022, 1-2pm – Restrictive Covenants: Reasonableness, Interpretation and Modification


The seminars will be offered online through Legalwise, both as a three-part series and individually. Please visit this link for more detailed information.

For some of Sydney’s property/conveyancing/easement CPD seminars, including last year’s Easement Essentials series, please see Seminar History.

We look forward to seeing some of you there.