Picking over the Bones of Recent Easement Cases

Sydney will be presenting a CPD seminar for TEN (Television Education Network) on the 24th of February titled “Picking over the Bones of Recent Easement Cases”.


Easements continue to be grist for the mill in property law litigation. This session will examine in detail a number of recent judicial decisions on easements in NSW and their effect on both dominant and servient owners, including:

  • Rights of a dominant owner to maintain a carriageway
  • Evidentiary requirements for “track in use” cases
  • When can CCTV’s monitoring  an easement constitute an invasion of privacy
  • Can an easement be obtained via proprietary estoppel?
  • Considerations of the court in granting easements under s88K of the Conveyancing Act
  • Powers of the NSW Registrar General with respect to easements


The session will be run online from 10:05 – 10:55 am. More information, including booking details, can be found on the TEN website.

For some of Sydney’s other CPD seminars on easements, please see Seminar History.

We look forward to seeing you there.