The Rights and Wrongs of Rights of Way

Sydney will be presenting an online CPD seminar for the Television Education Network (TEN) on 23 February 2024 from 12:10 to 1:05 pm titled The Rights and Wrongs of Rights of Way: Insights from Recent Judicial Decisions Involving Easementsas part of its 18th Annual Property Law Conference.

With an emphasis on decisions in the Land and Environment Court, this session will examine a number of recent cases and developments, offering practical strategies into dealing with disputes of this nature, including:

  • The right to pass or repass and what it means
  • Why rights of way seem to generate so much emotion
  • What constitutes “reasonable use” or “unreasonable interference” when it comes to rights of way?
  • Consequences of the failure to recognise a right of way
  • Associated rights including reasonable repair and maintenance and costs
  • When might a right of way become obsolete or abandoned?
  • The process for removing a registered right of way
  • Creation of new rights of way and setting the terms
  • How can the terms of a right of way be changed?

More information can be found at the TEN web link below:

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We look forward to seeing you there.